Calvary United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 04, 2022
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Calvary UMC Policy


PURPOSEThe purpose of this policy is to prevent the inadvertent dissemination of personal data belonging to the congregation of Calvary United Methodist Church.

BACKGROUND:  In today’s world, the incidents of personal disclosure are many. From social security number leaks, harassment by use of telephones and e-mails, as well as social networking, we have all read of many such incidents. We must all be vigilant to prevent private information from becoming public.

THIS POLICY PERTAINS TO:   All church organizations such as committees, boards and ministries, members and non-members, children, adolescents, adults, employees and staff.



Congregational Photos: Photos of people in any documents published by any groups within Calvary Church will be treated in this order of preference: No caption at all, First name(s) only, Full name only in case of the Directory. No embarrassing photos will be published. A repository of photos will be contained in the Assist Church Management software for publication in the Church Directory.

Congregational Telephone Numbers, E-mail Addresses and Mailing Addresses: Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses of members of Calvary Church will only be published in the Directory and Annual Report. The advice to call a Calvary member appearing in the MidWeek Reminder, for example, will not contain a phone number, e-mail address or mailing address since they are all listed within the Directory, Annual Report and the Assist Church Management system. In possible cases where needed phone numbers, e-mail addresses or mailing addresses are not yet published in those sources, they can be obtained by calling the Church Office.   An exception can be made however, with the approval of the individual, to list a phone number on a case-by-case basis.

Social Security Numbers: The only Social Security numbers maintained by Calvary Church are those of staff/employees. These numbers will reside in the Assist Church Software Management program and various reports created and maintained by the Church treasurer. Social Security numbers will only be used for official personnel functions such as payroll, social security, income tax withholding and unemployment, or as requested by government authorities.



Directory and Annual Report:  Compiled lists of personal information such as the Church Directory and Annual Report will not be given to people outside the church family since it contains phone numbers, addresses and e-mail numbers. The Church Directory will contain complete names.

Staff Phone Numbers and E-mail AddressesWhen requested, staff phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be provided using the church numbers and e-mail addresses only--not home numbers or addresses. Documents, with the exception of the Directory and Annual Report will not contain staff's home e-mail addresses or phone numbers.

Staff Photos: The publishing of staff photos will be limited to photos of the pastor and secretaries.

Prayer Chain: Contact numbers for reporting a request to the prayer chain will be limited to official church phone numbers such as secretary and pastor. Phone numbers of lay prayer chain numbers will no longer be published. Prayer chain participants will respect the privacy and maintain the confidentiality of persons’ medical conditions and sensitive issues by passing on only essential information to the prayer chain and outside persons.

Web SiteThis policy only addresses the protection of members' information from users of the Calvary United Methodist Church web site. A separate policy will be created to inform web site visitors whether we collect any information from their visit.


SOURCES OF INFORMATION TO BE PROVIDED BY THE WEBSITE:  Mid-Week Reminder, Bible Study, Bells, Bus, Staff, Pre-School, Special Events, Sunday School, Church Calendar, History of Calvary Church,Youth Ministry, Contact

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