Calvary United Methodist Church
Monday, June 14, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors!

Music at Calvary



           We would LOVE to have some special music for the months of June, July and August. If you would like to sing a solo, a duet, recite a special reading or play a musical instrument contact Robyn so she can put you on the schedule. Judith White, Jan Fisher and Robyn will be willing to accompany your special music. See one of them for encouragement and any help that you may need.




There hasn’t been any news yet as to when our music programs will begin. We certainly consider first and foremost, keeping you safe. We do know how disappointed you are that we cannot begin yet, but continue to take good care of yourself. 

If you would like to lead hymns please let Jan Fisher know. If you would like to lead the praise and worship music, please let Robyn know. You do not have to choose the music as that will be done for you. 

If you would like to present special music some Sunday, please see Robyn so she can get you on the schedule. Jan Fisher, Judith White and Robyn are willing to practice with you if needed for special music.

Our special music has been such a blessing to everyone! Thank you to Jean Johnson-bell solo, Sandy Barclay, Donielle Chelf, and Dennis White for singing solos and for bringing this music into our hearts.

Remember to refresh yourself in the peace of God’s presence. His peace is there for you in ALL circumstances. This world has trials and distress right now as we know. But the Lord has conquered them and He will keep anything from harming you. In Him we can have that confident peace.


God bless each of you as we continue on together - Robyn 






As some of you have already heard, I will be leading Joyful Noise this season once we begin our vocal choir rehearsals. I’m not “taking over for Robyn” because no one could do that. However, the baton has been passed to me and I have accepted it. I’d like to add that my thoughts echo Robyn’s in regards to the importance of safety for those involved in our music ministries and for the safety of the rest of our church family. So, for now we must continue to keep singing in our hearts until we can get together and sing out for real. As I said many times, nowhere does the Bible say, “This too shall STAY.”


Take good care and God bless all of you.



Jan Fisher