Calvary United Methodist Church
Friday, March 31, 2023
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors!

This Week at Calvary United Methodist




  ATTENTION TO ALL WHO KNIT AND/OR CROCHET: From Missions Committee: We are in need of more prayer shawls. (We only have two left in the cabinet.) We have plenty of yarn you can use. Please see Diane Young or Sandy Barclay to obtain yarn or with any questions. Thank you!

   The Worship Committee would like to have a monthly list of Birthdays and Anniversaries published in the Monthly Reminder. Let us hear from you if you have any special days that we can include. We would only publish those for which we have been given authorization. So, let us know if you want yours listed! We would begin this with the next issue, so if you have an April birthday or anniversary, let us know!!!   




Altar Organizational Guild

If you would be interested in helping to organize an altar guild, please see anyone on the worship committee for details. This would include, changing the banners, wreaths, seasonal/memorial flowers on altar, Lent and Advent candle set-up, helping to arrange flowers such as Easter lilies, poinsettias (help to water and deadhead), making sure the cross is prepared for Lent/Easter, including the Good Friday service, cross removal after the season, making sure the communion table is moved for communion and put back in its place after, help Carol Snay only if needed with set up and removal of elements after communion, moving baptismal fount and working with Pastor Joy for water and towel needed for this special occasion, making sure the candle is readied for the baptism, removal of water and replace fount after, ready candles for the Christmas Eve candlelight service then storing them after the service, and to help Launa fill candles and change paraments only when called upon to do so. It’s a big job for one person, so help is needed to create an organized schedule of duties and all other duties as assigned.




A new sign-up sheet has been posted by the music notes bulletin board for this year’s decorating. Sign up soon to decorate for your favorite month. We have lots of decorations in our attic area, so there is no need to purchase any decorations. If you have any questions, please see Robyn. 



                          10 am: Traditional Worship Mon. Dec 16
: 1 0 am: Crafters
pMon. Dec 16
: 1
Sun. Dec. 22