Calvary United Methodist Church
Friday, July 30, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors!

This Week at Calvary United Methodist


   The Worship Committee would like to have a monthly list of Birthdays and Anniversaries published in the Monthly Reminder. Let us hear from you if you have any special days that we can include. We would only publish those for which we have been given authorization. So, let us know if you want yours listed! We would begin this with the next issue, so if you have an April birthday or anniversary, let us know!!!   
 We have been informed that Virgil Matzen who has been the Head usher for many years has decided to step down. Virgil has done a wonderful job with scheduling ushers and instructing them in the tasks that are part of that ministry. We thank you, Virgil for your many years of service. At the last Administrative Board meeting, Jackie Kallenberger has volunteered to assume the position of “Head usher”. She may be contacting you in the future regarding helping with this ministry. Please give prayerful consideration to serving in this capacity. 

We currently have one position open for members of the church here  at Calvary. Please feel free to contact the office for applications to the following:


Assistant Secretary: This position is a back-up to the Administrative Secretary. Part of the duties include keeping account of membership, baptisms, and attendance records among other duties. 


If you are interested, and are a member, please contact the office for additional information and application forms for these positions, telephone 563-284-6213.


FOOD PANTRY UPDATE: The Buffalo Food Pantry serving Buffalo, Walcott, Blue Grass and southwest Davenport has added some additional hours of service. They currently are open every Tuesday morning 9 am to 12 noon. They have added an evening pickup on Thursdays from 5 pm to 7 pm which began on April 15th. This is located at the same building as City Hall at the north side of the building. 329 Dodge Street, Buffalo Iowa. You will need to bring your ID and proof of residency. Masks are required. 


See the source image


Graduation Sunday: Christian Education Ministry would like to honor all graduates on Sunday, June 13th. Please submit information on your graduate, (High School, College, Technical School etc.) to the office by May 16th.

 Include Name, Parents, School, degree, and if possible, any information as to what the graduate will be pursuing following graduation.




New Member Class

We have scheduled New Member Classes for those wishing to join our congregation! These will be held on May 16th and May 23rd, and June 6th following worship service from 11:15 am to 12:15 p.m. If you would like to join Calvary, please contact Pastor Joy or the office


Music Notes .  If you are interested in helping to lead hymns or to participate as a praise singer, please let Jan Fisher or Robyn Stender know. We can use your help. The bell choir and Joyful Noise will be postponed until further notice. Keep tuned though, as this fall, we may be able to practice and perform with small groups.


Dennis, Otto and Miss Robyn will be taking the summer off for vacation. Our last show will be aired on Sunday, June 20th. We hope to continue this ministry sometime in September. Otto will be swimming up north to visit his family this summer. Miss Robyn will be searching for some new craft ideas and writing more scripts for the Dennis & Otto show. Dennis will be continuing to sing special music and come up with some great ideas for the show too. We hope that you have enjoyed watching. Please continue to hold us in your prayers. We also thank Keith for all the time he puts into recording, editing and sending the shows out on YouTube, and also recording Miss Robyn’s craft corner. 

Altar Organizational Guild

If you would be interested in helping to organize an altar guild, please see anyone on the worship committee for details. This would include, changing the banners, wreaths, seasonal/memorial flowers on altar, Lent and Advent candle set-up, helping to arrange flowers such as Easter lilies, poinsettias (help to water and deadhead), making sure the cross is prepared for Lent/Easter, including the Good Friday service, cross removal after the season, making sure the communion table is moved for communion and put back in its place after, help Carol Snay only if needed with set up and removal of elements after communion, moving baptismal fount and working with Pastor Joy for water and towel needed for this special occasion, making sure the candle is readied for the baptism, removal of water and replace fount after, ready candles for the Christmas Eve candlelight service then storing them after the service, and to help Launa fill candles and change paraments only when called upon to do so. It’s a big job for one person, so help is needed to create an organized schedule of duties and all other duties as assigned.




The sign-up sheet is posted by the “Music Notes” bulletin board in fellowship hall to decorate the tree. Sign up soon for your favorite month. We have plenty of decorations for you to use. Let’s keep this tree decorated, as there are several who do stop by church to visit. Plus our little pre-school children love to see the tree all decked out too.

August 2021
9 am: Adult Sunday Sch.
10 am: Worship/ Communion
Lit. Marcie Siegel
6:30 pm: SPRC
12 noon: Prayer Mtg
6 pm Lydia Night Out

6 pm: Trustees

7-8:15 pm:
 Class Meeting
9 am: Adult Sunday Sch
10 am: Worship
Lit. Tom McCleery
 6 pm: Worship
12 noon: Prayer Mtg

7 pm: Christian Educ.

 6:30 pm: Finance
7-8:15 pm
    Class Meeting
9 am: Adult Sunday Sch
10 am: Worship
Lit.. Larry Plett

7 pm: Adminis. Bd.

12 noon: Prayer Mtg

1 pm: Rebecca Circle


 12 noon:Back to School Pizza Party

7-8:15 pm
   Class Meeting
9 am: Adult Sunday Sch
10 am: Worship
Lit. Tricia Bird

Dav. School Starts

12 noon: Prayer Mtg
7-8:15 pm
   Class Meeting
7 pm:Game Night

29 (T-Shirt Sunday)

9 am: Adult Sunday Sch
10 am: Worship
Lit. Dennis White
7 pm: Bell Choir
12 noon: Prayer Mtg
7 pm: Praise Team
GREETERS:                                                                                    USHERS;  John Potter, Janet Paustian   

8/1 Larry & Leah Rae Reiling                                                 Harry Knutsen, Jackie Kallenberger

8/8: Larry & Bev Smith
8/15: Brian Zindel & Carol Snay                                          
  (Note: Pastor is gone 8/6 thru 8/8)

8/22: Carol Snay & Donna Hinch

8/29: Bob McClanahan & Deana Lucht 

                                 Bags Tournament September 18th – Victory Park

As a reminder, we want to be transparent with our members and constituents regarding all of our business. Meeting dates are posted in the bulletin and Monthly Reminder. All are welcome to sit in on any meeting to ask questions, and listen, with the exception of SPRC. If you are interested in reading Administrative Board minutes, those can be made available to you to come and ask Donna in the office and read while in the church. Regarding finances, Phyllis Arp is glad to answer any question you might have that she might have answers to, finance reports may be read while at church, and again can be made available by talking with Donna.                        

                          10 am: Traditional Worship Mon. Dec 16
: 1 0 am: Crafters
pMon. Dec 16
: 1
Sun. Dec. 22