Calvary United Methodist Church
Friday, July 30, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors!

This Week's Bulletin


Calvary United Methodist Church
10th Sunday After Pentecost
August 1, 2021

Opening Hymn: “One Bread, One Body”                                  pg. 620


Welcome & Announcements:                                    Marcie Siegel

Call to Worship:                                                       Marcie Siegel

L: He commanded the skies above, and opened the doors of heaven;

C: He rained down on them manna to eat, and gave them the grain of heaven.

L: Mortals ate of the bread of angels; he sent them food in abundance.

C: He caused the east wind to blow in the heavens, and by his power he led out the south wind;

L: Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

C: For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;

Opening Prayer:                                                       Marcie Siegel

God of hope, when your hungry people longed for the slave food of Egypt, you opened the doors of heaven and rained down manna. Feed us with the bread of life at your table, that we may taste the freedom of eternal life and lead lives worthy of our calling, through Christ our head. Amen.


Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-16 (pg. 1135 pew Bible)           Marcie Siegel


(Please stand, if able, for the reading of the Gospel)

Gospel: John 6:24-35 (pg. 1034 pew Bible)                       Marcie Siegel

The Word of God for the People of God!

Thanks be to God.


Joys & Concerns                                                               Pastor Joy


Prayers for the People/The Lord’s Prayer                   Pastor Joy


(Loose change and dollar bills go to Food Pantry)

Giving of our Tithes & Offering:                                 Pastor Joy


Prayer of Dedication


Sermon:  “The Bread of Life”                                     Pastor Joy


Sacrament of Holy Communion


Closing Hymn: Just as I Am” (vs. 1,2 & 3)                             pg. 357


Dismissal with Blessing                                               Pastor Joy

Organist/Pianist:                                                                    Jan Fisher

Liturgist:                                                                                 Marcie Siegel                              

Ushers/ August: John Potter, Janet Paustian,

                            Harry Knutsen, Jackie Kallenberger                                                             



Mon. Aug. 1st 6:30 p.m.: SPRC         
Tues. Aug. 3rd:   12 noon: Prayer Group

                            6 pm: Lydia Ladies Night Out

Wed. Aug. 4th:   6:00 pm: Trustees

                            7 pm: Class Meeting



(From 7/25/21 Service)

*Prayers for safe travels for Sandy Barclay as she travels to Rwanda,Africa this week.

*Prayer request from Launa Wolf for her uncle, Delmar Rogers who is in the hospital fighting aggressive Lymphoma.

* Prayer request from Char Knutsen for Natalie Paulsen, a 16 year old with AML Leukemia – former preschool student.

* Prayer request for Joy Duffee from Wilton, friend of McCleery family, with a brain tumor, diagnosed with lymphoma.

* Prayer request from Sandy Barclay for Ellie – 4 year old daughter of Susan & Drew Hale, who was born with several health issues, now back on feeding tube.

* Joy for Allison McCleery who is having her LAST chemo treatment this Friday!

August Birthdays & Anniversaries


8/4:Larry & Leah Rae Reiling

8/3: Tami McCleery                           8/8: Germaine Plett

8/9: Sandra Bramstedt                        8/13: Sharon VandeWalle

8/19: Andrea Corbin                           8/22: Daniel Schumaker

8/24: Michael Christopher                 8/24: Phyllis Arp

8/31: John Potter

If anyone else has a birthday or anniversary, please let the office know so we can celebrate with you!


The Administrative Board has approved changing the Calvary T-shirts. The new color will be “safety green”. There is a basket in social hall with forms for ordering a new one if you want to. The cost remains $10.00


Walcott, Iowa

10th  Sunday After Pentecost

August 1, 2021

100 East James Street
Walcott, IA 52773
(563) 284-6213
Rev. Joy Mitchell, Pastor

Social Hall/Pre School: (563) 284-6122

Office email:
Pastor’s email:

Praise & Worship Service 10:00 AM


“Calvary’s Mission is to reach out, disciple, and nuture people in Christ through worship, education, fellowship and service. To be not only an inviting church, but to go out where people are to invite them”



Donations Requested: We have been informed an anonymous person will be donating eggs to the food pantry on a weekly basis and the Food Pantry is now in need of empty dozen size egg cartons. You can bring them and put them in the food pantry cabinet. Thank you in advance for your support.


It is that time of year again to start shopping for In-Gathering items. A shopping list is inserted in this bulletin. Please take it with you when you go shopping! Thank you in advance for your help with this ministry!


Walcott, Iowa

8th Sunday of Pentecost

July 18, 2021

100 East James Street
Walcott, IA 52773
(563) 284-6213
Rev. Joy Mitchell, Pastor

Social Hall/Pre School: (563) 284-6122

Office email:
Pastor’s email:

Praise & Worship Service 10:00 AM



(For Personal Dignity Kits)

1 Bath hand towel (no kitchen towels)
1 bath wash cloth
1 adult toothbrush
1 bar soap 3-5 oz.
1 bottle shampoo 15 to 18 oz.
1 deodorant 2 to 3 oz stick, roll on or pump
(Student Kit)
3 notebooks 1 subject, spiral 8x10 ½ inches
1 ruler 12” long with metric
6 unsharpened pencils
1 pencil sharpener
1 eraser 2” or larger
1 box 12 colored pencils
1 box 24 crayons
1 pair of student scissors

If questions, contact Diane Young or Sandy Barclay. We thank you for helping us out with these kits for In-Gathering which will take place this fall.