Calvary United Methodist Church
Saturday, April 10, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors!

Children's Church


Just to plan ahead, make sure that you save an empty paper towel roll and a Styrofoam or plastic cup for our craft corner which will air on Sunday, March 21st. Other supplies that you can begin to gather are: Elmer’s glue, any color of duct tape, string, scissors and 3 different sizes and colors of buttons.  








  Easter Sunday
Hopefully, you’ve gotten a chance to view the on-line children’s chats with Dennis and Otto T. Otter. If not, remember these chats are for children of ALL ages. Our prayer about adding these chats to our on-line service, is to give some hope and re-assurance to anyone in need of a laugh or smile and a simple message to let you know that Jesus loves you. Since we’ve not been able to meet as a children’s Sunday school yet, Dennis and Otto figured why not try to get God’s word out by using our on-line resources.
Thank you to Dennis White, Keith Krebs and Otto for working so hard during the week to bring these chats to us. Thank you to Miss Robyn for providing a simple and fun craft that you can do at home. We also ask that you keep this ministry in your prayers.
We’d LOVE to hear from you. So, if you have a question about Jesus or the Bible, or if you’ve drawn or colored a picture that you would like to share with our on-line viewers, please send (or drop them off) to: 
Otto T. Otter & Dennis
Calvary United Methodist Church
100 E James Street
P O Box 130
Walcott, Iowa 52773
We will answer your questions and show your art work on one of our programs.